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Lee Younger - Baby On Your Knee - demo

Baby On Your Knee

There’s no knowing why God orders or allows the stuff He does. We just need to remember that we’re His little kids. Our job is to be like infants weaned and sitting on His knee… trusting Him no matter what happens. This song comes from Psalm 131. If you’d like to download it, just click right HERE.

Music Video: New Worship Song

No One Like You from Lee Younger on Vimeo.

If you would like to play this song, click right HERE for a chord chart.

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The iPhone Sessions #32

Never Forget You

This is a song I wrote for a sermon preached by Tom Job at Christ Community. He was preaching on Psalm 13 and how even though we sometimes feel (and express) that God seems far away in the midst of our pain, God has said He will never forget us and never forsake us. So, we have two truths… the way we feel and the promise God has made. This song is an attempt to look at both of those things together.

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The iPhone Sessions #28

Tell Me

This song is about the love relationship Jesus wants with you. He wants to woo you and He’s filled with things He thinks about you - stuff He loves about you. Most of the time that we’re down, it’s because we’re too insecure or embarrassed to believe what He’s saying about us. A HUGE part of growing in Christ is having a heart that says to Jesus, “I want to hear what You think of me - and that’s what I want to feast on - not the kind of junk the world tell me about myself.” In the Song of Solomon, the groom says things that he loves about his bride and then she also says those same things about herself. I think listening for what Jesus says and saying those same things over yourself is a key element in walking this walk. 

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The iPhone Sessions #25

No Matter

Here’s a brand new worship song I wrote for my brothers in Unit 2 of the Anderson County jail. We sang it for the first time yesterday and dang, not only did they bring it, but when we finished singing, they were clapping their hands and praising the Lord… just glad to know how much He loves them. So check it out for yourself, right here:

As always, this is a FREE download. If you are a worship leader or play guitar or piano or whatever and want to play this song, let me know and I’ll get you a copy of the chord chart, no problem.

The iPhone Sessions #24

"Out Of Doors"

Spring has finally bloomed in East Tennessee and there’s nothing that my girl loves more than being outside in the fresh air when it’s a beautiful day. It gives her life, lifts her heart and puts a smile on her face. I wrote this song for her on the first warm day we had after winter broke.

As Always, this is a completely FREE demo with absolutely no strings attached! Grab yo-self a copy and JAM!

The iPhone Sessions #23

O Man Of Sorrows

Here is another song I wrote for the Good Friday service at Christ Community. This one was actually written for a full choir. (If you’d like a pdf file of the score, just click the ‘ask’ at the bottom of the page and let me know so I can hook you up) I recorded this version on my iPhone with the guitar for a different feel. The choir version is much more full and dynamic, where as this one is more intimate and stripped down. I hope it ministers to you… helping you to feel the impact of all our Lord paid for us. Thanks for listening.

As always, this song is completely FREE. So listen, download, rip it, burn it, whatever.

The iPhone Sessions #20

All I Have

This is a worship song I wrote for my brothers in Unit 2 of the Anderson County jail. Man, there is nothing those guys love more than praising the Lord together, and you should hear them bring this song… It went so well in the jail that we decided to start singing it at Christ Community (the church where I pastor) and it’s quickly becoming a favorite. Check it.

As always, this is a totally FREE demo, no strings attached. You can download that mug without forking over a penny. So, what are you waiting on?!  Download it! Oh yeah, and if you’re a worship leader and you’d like a chord chart, I’ll email you one. Heck, if you’re not a worship leader, but play guitar or piano and you just want a chord chart, I’ll still give you one! Just click the ‘ask’ button at the bottom of my tumblr page and message me. We’ll hook it up for sure.

The iPhone Sessions #19

TWINS (a short story)

For those of you just joining me, I am trying out a new project quite different from the fully produced records I’ve recorded, in which I write a new song every week this year and make a lo-fi, super-simple recording using my iPhone 4. These demos are one-takes, bad notes and all. The idea is to capture the song the moment the writing is finished in its purest form so that there is no production standing in the way of the songwriting. “Twins” is my 19th song this year and it’s a silly little short story I wrote about a mother of twin girls.

All of these songs are absolutely FREE, so listen, download, REBLOG or whatever. Heck, you can tell people you wrote the song for all I care! Just enjoy some free music on me. 

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