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Jesus Doesn’t Sugar-Coat Anything. His Pursuit Is Deep And Invasive.

Fairest Of Ten Thousand #165

John 4:16

Jesus doesn’t mess around. That’s what I love about Him. I mean, some folks think Christianity is just another one of the religions. They think it’s a set of philosophies and ideas. They think that Christians merely sit around discussing theology and morals. Of course, some Christians do simply sit around discussing that stuff, but I don’t think Jesus really attends those meetings. Knowing Jesus isn’t about discussing theology, morals or philosophy. Knowing Jesus is personal. The reason, simply put is this: Jesus is a person. He has a personality, a will and emotions. He is invasive. He is sweet and tender, but His pursuit of us is aggressive and at times, irritating. You see, Jesus pursues us at our very deepest self. He isn’t satisfied with simply discussing the surface level of what life is about. No, His pursuit is more like an archaeological dig. He is always going deeper, always looking for things that have been long forgotten; trying to get the whole truth and then bring it to the surface for further examination. He wants to know you and to make you deal with yourself. Are you ready for this? Once Jesus met up with a woman at a well who was all about discussing theology, religious history and the finer points of true worship, but Jesus blind-sided her by directly confronting her with her own broken, thirsty heart. He stiff-armed the theology and asked her about her life, her pain, her sin and her deepest questions. Jesus cuts to the quick because He has really good news for your heart. Thing is, you can’t hear the good news until you’ve seen the plain, dirty truth. Are you prepared to face the real you?

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  • 29 April 2012
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