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cousined asked you:

Do you do Say That! from home? And are kinda on a conference call sort of thing? haha. Idk. Anyways, praying for your ministry and family brother. Peace. :D


So I Said: 

Thanks Ed! 

For those who don’t know, ‘Say That’ is a podcast I get to be a part of with my dear friends, Unka Glen, Jed Brewer and Matt King. (podcasts are totally FREE radio shows you can download off of iTunes or stream onto your phone using the also-free Stitcher mobile app)

THE CREW OF SAY THAT! (from left: Jed, Glen, Matt and Lee)

‘Say That’ is produced by the one and only Matt King who is a full-time missionary working with Glen and Jed in Chicago as part of their ministry team. the idea of the show is really simple: We take the Question & Answer format of our tumblr blogs and put it on the air. So, people (like all of you awesome folks) write us incredibly cool questions and we get together, turn on some microphones and bust out answers. Glen, Jed and Matt all record at Glen’s house in Chicago, and they call me on a conference call. Once connected, Jed fires up his equipment in Chicago, while I record my part in my studio here in Tennessee. When we’re done, I email my part to Matt who puts it all together and submits the show to iTunes where it gets distributed out to the world! 

And I know I speak for the other gents involved when I say that we have been absolutely floored by the incredible response of the listeners. We love your encouragement, we’re thankful for the reviews you leave on iTunes, we pray for you, we take your questions extremely seriously and we’re so very thankful that the Lord has given us a place in your lives and walks. In short, we really do love you folks out there listening, and as much fun as it is for you to hear to the podcast, it’s about a million times more fun for us to make it because we’re all friends and brothers who just love being together. So, thanks for listening, and keep telling your friends about Say That so we can keep making it happen!

You can download SAY THAT from iTunes in 1 click RIGHT HERE.



  • 23 April 2012
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